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@deelightfuldelights said: Is it the one with the sirius link? Just so I have the right one lol

Lol if it also has a picture of a cup saying ‘shut up and deal with it’ for the profile pic then yes thats me :D

Lol at naked sim bottom

Random, but if anyone here is on Instagram and wants to follow look for ‘sospeechless’ Be warned I do post random stuff and no particular theme going on :)

First gen - 1st post…

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Meet Isabella Clarke, who lives in this little cute house I built for her. She also joined a writer career.

Aspiration - Bestselling author

- muser (from Creativity aspiration)
- bookworm
- romantic
- outgoing

Yes I have jumped on the bandwagon to do some sort of legacy. Happening at 

When Shaun finished high-school. Photo session with his two mums.

I always love seeing family photos in my sims houses, makes it so much personal

Daydreaming at its best